Dont Buy Your Clothes DIY Them With Iron on Vinyl – you can’t buy culture

without burning out? Cricut Vinyl with iron is an excellent way to personalize items at the home or at school. The irons are great for teaching people how to cut shapes from vinyl , as well as other types of materials. They can be intimidating for beginners. The following video shows how to use the Cricut iron-on vinyl.

This video tutorial shows you the steps to follow by Mr. Crafty Pants shows you how to connect the iron-on Vinyl Cricut onto your machine. He then demonstrates how you can cut basic shapes to make designs. After that, he takes viewers through step-by-step directions to apply images and ornaments. Then, he shows viewers how to get the stencil out of their designs and to keep it secure for future reference.

The steps allow users to customize items like tea towels and create the perfect gift ideas. Mr. Mr. This tutorial will also show you how to choose the right dimension and what to do with hot transfer vinyl.