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It’s not something you can play around with. It does not matter if you don’t have a record of being a drunk driver, it is possible to be subjected to the consequences of your actions and severe penalties that may change your life. There are many consequences to drinking and driving under the influence, such as prison time as well as fines imposed by the courts. License suspensions might also be a possibility. A record of the occurrence of a DUI under your name could affect your chances of getting work, insurance, and even the possibility of leasing homes according to DCSDefense explains in their film “Can I refuse a Breath Test in California?” A drunk driving attorney may represent you in courts to help get conviction dismissed.

It is not advisable to display any suspicious behaviors if stopped on suspicion of DUI. The authorities will need to identify a valid reason before they can take you into custody, however if they are unable to find cause for arrest, the DUI accusation against you is likely to be dropped. Before you drive, make sure your vehicle is in good condition. This not only guarantees your safety on the roads however, it will also assist in preventing the police from having to justify the stop. diwgpb7aqn.