How a Roofing Company Installs Shingles – NC Pool Supply

The airflow in a home. The video shows how roofing companies install an asphalt roof, through step by step.
Drip Edge

The drip edge is installed around the edges of your roof. It stops water from pooling and leaks from happening at your roof’s edges, which are the most vulnerable. It’s installed before felt so water doesn’t get behind it.

Felt and Starter Strip

From the bottom up to the high point of the roof the roof is covered with felt. The roof is then rolled by one person, and plastic caps are punched into 8 to 16 inches. The edge of the starter is installed on the roof. This shields the roof from rainstorms caused by winds.

Shingles and Ridge

Shingles are put in place at the base portion of the roof. They are carefully measured before being placed to provide complete overlap and coverage of the roof. After the ridges have been installed, the ridges are carefully put in. The ridge is then installed at the very top and your roof is ready for use.

For more information on how roofing companies put up roofs visit the hyperlink to the video above.