How Does a Book Get Made? – Strong Scene Contest

Books from all over the world that are available in a range of languages, formats, sizes as well as content. Businesses and stores have been devoted solely to printing books, and turning words into gorgeous works of art. It isn’t as simple as you might think. There are a variety of ways to put together a book. Before books can go out to printers the books must be put through a series of steps. In addition, there are further processes required for making books. This video will demonstrate how books are printed, bound, and made.

The complete story will be printed onto the first printing plate. This huge sheet can hold the whole story. All of the sheets then go through a process that prints them onto a number of sheets of paper. The sheets are cut to manageable sizes and folded by machines, and transported in a large piece to the binding line. They are then put into the books and a paperback is born. The spines are cut in half and have their edges trimmed for the perfect new book!