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“7 Types of Car Insurance “7 Types of Car Insurance” will provide a detailed explanation of the various types of car insurance.

The majority of states require motorists to be covered by liability insurance which breaks down into two categories: body liability insurance and property damages liability. This plan of insurance also covers legal costs.

Protection plans for personal injuries are mandatory in several states. It covers the injuries that result from an accident. It could also pay for lost income if you’re unable to work due to your injuries.

Medical payments is another automobile insurance plan identical to personal injury protection. It doesn’t provide compensation for lost income, which is different from personal injury insurance plans.

The coverage for uninsured drivers is there to assist you in paying for the insurance policy of an other driver, if you’re injured by someone with no vehicle insurance policy.

Other insurance options, including gap insurance, collision insurance, and more, are also available to drivers. In the end, it’s safer to have a properly insured policy as opposed to being struck by an unfortunate accident.