How You Can Customize Your Dream Engagement Ring – J Search

What is a t-ring? Creating custom-designed engagement rings can be fun and there’s a lot of possibilities to select from. In this video an expert will walk you through the eight steps on how to design your own engagement ring.

The stone is among the most vital pieces in an engagement rings. It’s important to determine which kind of stone you would like to have on your fingers for the rest your life. Three options are available: you can pick the classic diamond or choose other stones like sapphire. Also, you have the option to mix with them, according to how many you’d like in the engagement rings you are wearing.

You will then need to decide on the size and design of your stone. There are numerous options to choose from, including pear, oval, round and many more. The measurement can be done in CT or CM, and you’ll be able to pick which one you would like to use the most.

In the process of creating your perfect wedding ring, all these options are yours. This video will demonstrate how to create an engagement band.