Is a Lawyer Necessary for Mediation? –

without the need for courts. It is still a legal issue, however, and you may be wondering if you need a lawyer to take part in mediation. This video will explain whether or not it’s worth having an attorney on hand during mediation.

You will find the answer will differ based on your specific situation. The higher the stakes, the more better it is having an attorney present during the divorce mediation. If the divorce concerns the custody of children or children, significant financial assets and so on., then it may be a good idea having an attorney on hand.

Mediators do not represent any one side’s interests. This is why you could need to employ an lawyer. They are there to offer impartial assessments of the facts and negotiate a fair deal. An attorney, on side, however, is for the sole purpose of fighting for your best interests.

A mediator might recommend that you take action against yourself should you be unable to present your case persuasively. It’s extremely difficult to change this outcome. If you want your position to be correctly represented at a mediation, a lawyer could be of assistance.

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