Life After Male Enhancement Surgery – Health Talk Online

The process can last up to two weeks. Keep your incision clean areas. Avoid the development of lumps through the application of petroleum jelly. Cleanse by using a sponge, or soft cloth . Apply ice and cold packs as directed. Walking is beneficial throughout the process. For four to six weeks, avoid showering. Beware of sexual activity prior to six weeks is over. Refrain from doing anything sexual for at least six weeks following surgery. Do not take on any strenuous physical activity Long-term recovery

In the first four weeks following surgery the penis should remain in an upright position. Full benefits from the procedure may take up to six months for the benefits to manifest fully. Patients should attend an appointment 10 days or two weeks after male enhancement surgery.

The potential for complications is: Clotting of blood Pulmonary Embolization Infection, Hard breathing, chest pain, or labored breathing. The accumulation of fluid under the skin.

Don’t soak in the water for long period of time, whether it’s sexual or physical.