The 10 Plumbing Tools You Need That Are Under $25 – NC Pool Supply

The inspection of your water heater is similar to camera inspections of the plumbing. There are several essential plumbing tools you must have. Below are 10 useful tools you can buy at a low cost. The video below lists a few examples below.

Kibosh Emergency Repair Clamp

The tool can be purchased from as little as $20. It clamps down on pipes and seals them in just 5 minutes. It is also able to be used to seal various pipes.


This tool’s small size and smooth design makes it easy to operate in addition to allowing it to easily fit within tighter spaces. This cutter can be used to cut pipe. It’s sold for $17 to $20.

Ratchet Cutters

As with the autocut tools, ratchet cutters can be utilized to cut pipe, though they’re only employed on pipes made of plastic. They don’t require battery power or electricity, and they can cut perfectly 90 degrees every time. You can purchase them for around $20

The cost-effective options provide your with plenty of cash for a tankless water heater, or another investment for your home. The video will show you more of the tools through the videos. a3gsv9ugyg.