The Unknown Danger to Roofs – Family Issues

can damage roofs. Storms can bring down branches onto roofing. Pets might chew the shingles. Perhaps mold grows under the roof shingles. Another risk that is not widely known could pose the biggest threat to your roof and yourself. This video will go over the dangers.

If your roof comes face to an derecho, there’s a good chance you’ll need contact your roofing firm later. Derechos are made up of strong straight line winds. Derechos are much more than the wind’s gust. The duration of these gusts could be several minutes. In the video below, you can see a derecho approach small town in the state of South Dakota. In the midst of the raging wind that slashes through the city, the person hides within the station. The derecho had wind speeds that reached 100 miles an hour, and an average wind speed of 60 miles an hour. Imagine what this kind of constant wind can damage a deteriorating roof. Make sure you inspect and maintain your roof before you face such a strong threat.