Tips and Tricks for Grease Trap Cleaning – Confluent Kitchen

Clean up grease traps. It’s certainly not the easiest nor the most enjoyable task but it’s necessary. Here are some suggestions and suggestions for cleaning the grease trap.

Grease traps may also be called grease recovery devices , or interceptors. Its function is to catch greases or solids before they enter a wastewater system. The grease trap could be filled with different kinds of grease, which must be removed.

The main solid forms of grease are able to be taken from the trap using a scoop or bucket. This will also help you keep clean and won’t be messy when you clean the grease trap. When the bulk of the liquid has been taken out, use an attachment for vacuum to clear the trap.

In order to clean the grease trap, you can add degreaser and water to it. The trap doesn’t have to be impeccably clean because it’s bound to be dirty when the trap is back in operation. Watch this video for a hands-on explanation of cleaning the grease trap.