Top Facility Maintenance Tasks Every Live Theater in New Hampshire Should Complete Before Winter – 1776 The Musical

Check the thermostat, and then brate it. heating elements.

It’s also beneficial for everyone in New Hampshire live theatres to freeze their cooling systems. In order to prevent the growth of mold, winterizing involves replacing the refrigerant as well as draining the drain. HVAC repairs also include cleaning out the ducts in the effort to get rid of pollen, mold, as well as other pollutants from the air.

Have a look at Light

Lighting is crucial to any live event. The lighting system is what transforms an event from into an artistic function. It’s the topmost technical lifeblood of theater, and it requires far more than flipping a switch.

The winter months in New Hampshire bring less sunlight and shorter daylight hours, which makes now the ideal time to plan your lighting.

Lighting in the theater can be used to improve the ambience to improve security and deter the possibility of theft. Additionally, it helps reduce incidents among theatre patrons. It is particularly important for walkways and carparks.

Check lamps and wiring and ensure replacement of any damaged components. Verify that timers as well as presence sensors function properly.

Make a plan to prepare for Snow and Ice Removal

It’s risky to put snow and ice in your driveway, parking lot and on walkways. It can create difficulties for you to access your theatre.

You should make sure you are in a safe area to avoid slips or injuries that can result in lawsuits.

If you operate the live theatre situated in New Hampshire, you’ll need to plan out a strategy to clear the areas and parking lots before the snow falls. To speedily remove the snow and ice off, you might consider hiring specialists in snow removal.

To store snow during melting, you will need to reserve a spot on the property. It’s advisable to plan this prior to time and secure a location where