Unique Things to do For Free with Kids – Outdoor Family Portraits

It will be possible to see your image when you turn the page. Your second image must be placed in the same place near the bottom of your page, however the dimensions and shapes may vary slightly. Repeat this step several times until you’ll be able to see moving characters when you flip the pages.
13. Write Letters to Your Future You

Let the future know that you are you, sharing your life as well as your hopes. Participating with your children in the process allows them to formulate a plan as well as a vision for the future. You should also agree that you’ll only be able to read the letters at a certain date , at which point you’ll be able to gauge your progress against where you aspired to be.

14. Water Games

You can have fun shooting waterjets each other using the water guns. If you don’t own water guns or cups of water, cups will be enough. The idea is to get wet. Set the sprinklers on and take a dip for some fun. Cool water is splendid on a hot day. For even more terrific entertainment, build a slip or slide by using garbage bags taped together or, for a more practical alternative, an extended plastic sheet. Put water and soap in a liquid over the plastic sheet, and you’ll have plenty of fun to last an entire time.

15. Origami

You can fold pieces of paper to create different designs, such as a butterfly or a dinosaur. Also, it’s easier to create it nowadays thanks to the videos that provide detailed instructions on YouTube. The idea is to make it an event and determine who completes their origami the most quickly.

16. Geocaching

What would you do to be part of the largest treasure hunt? Find hidden caches by using your GPS or smartphone. These caches typically are waterproof containers that have logbooks inside. Once you have located the cache you must sign the logbook before returning to the same spot the cache was found. More than 3 million caches have been discovered across the world. Geocaching apps are able to help discover them.