What Is Recurrent Training? – Life Cover Guide


The last time I checked was a week.
When will you have to perform Recurrent Training?

The department for flight training will determine your recurrent training, but it should be scheduled each year. Your recurrent training must be completed before the 13th month. You can select your courses based on seniority. You will complete your training prior to bidding begins for the next schedule of flights.

What does a Recurrent Training Class What do they cover?

They will teach you everything that you require to know about controlling, including cruise security, hazmat and aircraft systems. During your training it will take two days of ground school that will focus on the emergency procedures and operational policies. Also, you will learn about past incidents and ways to prevent accidents from occurring. It is expected that you pass a written test towards the end of the course to confirm you fully understand what it takes to become a pilot. Simulators will be used to help you prepare for any emergency situations. This will guarantee that you’re safe to fly with your airline.

Swayne did not go into the essentials of recurrent education in the video. He also showed some video clips from classroom and simulation time. Safety is paramount when using regular training. Flight attendants as well as pilots are required to go through this course of instruction to ensure they understand all precautions that they have to take in the course of their jobs. If you want any more information on being a pilot and what there everyday life is like, you can sign up to Swayne Martin’s YouTube channel and find out more. Based on a research conducted by OliverWyman that by the year 2029 the global demand for pilots is expected to exceed 400,000. These are a lot more people we trust to fly. Regular training will help us be safe.