When You Post a Blog, Do You Post It With Pictures? Well Why Not?

So your blog has not been doing as well as you would like. You see some great blogs out there, but cannot seem to figure out what is missing from yors. What do those other blogs have that your blog does not? What could be separating yours from the rest? You are confident about your writing. It is comparable, if not better, than some. What about your pictures? What? You do not use pictures on your blog? Well, that could do it.

You see, with how fast paced everything is on the internet, you only have so much time to draw the attention of a potential reader before they click away to something noisier and more colorful. If your blogs only have a couple of paragraphs running down the page, anyone who comes to it will steer away quicker than Miley Cyrus makes mistakes.

And with how hard it is getting people to a website in the first place, you cannot afford to be losing any readers at all. Once someone clicks on your URL, you have about eight seconds to catch their eye. In those eight seconds, if a picture does not jump out at them as something they would be interested in reading about, then you will be hard pressed to keep them any longer.

That is when you find blog images free online. Using any of the free blog images you can find will help with attracting the eye of your readers. You do not need to cater your writings to what is available with free images for blogs either, because there is so much to choose from out there. You are bound to find any blog images free for whatever topic you have written about. So continue writing about whatever you want, but do not forget to include those blog images free to use.

There is only so far your blog can get without using pictures to elaborate on it. If you are not looking for internet fame with your blog, if you have some silly standards about not putting pictures with your writing and are okay not having anyone read your content, then keep doing what you are doing. But science has proven that pictures draw the eye much better than just straight text. So do what science says and put some pictures in there too.